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NEW! Green Code® "Socially & Economically Responsible Code." An idea whose time has come.

Socially Irresponsible Code
use is hurting businesses as it requires too much energy to design, create, deliver and maintain which results in enormous (unnecessary) waste and environmental problems.

Economically Irresponsible Code
use requires too much time and money to create, deliver and maintain, making it difficult for a company to remain competitive. This very real problem can end up putting people out of work when the company has to scale back, or worse, go out of business because of economically irresponsible code use.

We Can Do Better.
Code needs to "go green" like other industries. Green code lets you quicky and easily search, use and reuse all of your companies code and content from past, present and future projects. Remember that big project that ultimately failed? Well does that mean none of the code or content is useful anymore and you have to to create new, untested, duplicate code from scratch at enormous cost? Why not organize all your code and content and let your people see what is in there and come up with new services based on what you already have? And while you're at it, why not join the API economy by turning some of your code/content into a business by offering an API and/or Mobile App?

There is a lot of work to do. Today, we are continuing our work we started with Open Platform as a Service and building the model and tools for the 21st century to put us on the right path. We have started with an App which has been in stealth for a while which lets you effortlessly assemble any content to create on premises/cloud/hybrid mobile apps, API's and systems. It's called "ReCycleTM." The early feedback from users has been:

"Green Code is enabling us to organize and resuse thousands of lines of useful code that was just sitting on hard drives all over of the company not being used"

"The non-programmers in our departments are now creating real line of business apps that are making us money in ways we never thought of before"

"Projects now take days instead of months"

Try Green Code ReCycle now (beta)

NEW! The XANAPI Charter Program is a unique limited opportunity to be on the
bleeding edge of the API economy. For just $999 one-time cost you get to
influence the final product for your company's specific needs & get it first!

WizzyWeb - real Mobile and Web database applications - real fast.

Featured Open Platform as a ServiceTM Apps & Systems:




Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing:
PlatformOpen Notes
Sullivan Software Systems Open Platform as a Service YesWorks with all technologies. Change your IaaS and PaaS like you change your shirt.
Google App Engine/Google CloudNo"Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud are closed and proprietary platforms" ~ Laura Lorek, Reporter with Silicon Hills News
Amazon Web Services No"Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud are closed and proprietary platforms" ~ Laura Lorek, Reporter with Silicon Hills News
Microsoft AzureNo"the arrival of closed source black box clouds (like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure) have rained on open source’s parade and precipitated a push back against the transparency which developers, engineers, and IT organizations had enjoyed" ~ Jonathan LaCour, THE STACK
Salesforce Salesforce 1/Force.com/HerokuNo“Force is completely proprietary from bottom to top, left to right." ~ Yefim Natis, distinquished analyst at Gartner
VMware Cloud Foundry/Pivotal aka EMC/VMware/General Electric No "the built-in permanent privilege of Pivotal, together with the competition-controlling trade association rules, amount to a regrettable start for an open source community" ~ Simon Phipps, InfoWorld Open Sources

"as commercial vendors like Pivotal and IBM have already expressed their intent to layer their own proprietary products on top of Cloud Foundry..." ~ Joe Fernandes, Redhat

IBM Bluemix (based on Cloud Foundry) No "Users looking for high-productivity cloud-native application platform suitable for LOB and other business-centric developers should look elsewhere" ~ Gartner
Redhat OpenShiftNo "Openstack Is Doomed And It Is Your Fault" ~ Andy (termie) Smith, Co-Founder of Openstack

"If Red Hat doesn't have an opportunity to provide software above the operating system, its future looks limited." ~ Charles Babcock, Information Week

Apple iOS/Mac No Closed by design.
Google AndroidNo Walled Garden. Drives users to Google Services. Was developed only to protect Google's search engine from "Apple Everywhere."

"Google’s iron grip on Android: Controlling open source by any means necessary" ~ Ars Technica

Starting to get the picture? All the others are really just at best limited closed platforms as a service - not "Open Platforms as a Service." They are all either proprietary systems which let you deploy to other systems or Open Source systems with proprietary layers to lock you in and not let you deploy to other systems. You see, Open Source does not equal Open Platform. Open Source is a license, not a product or a service. Open Source wrapped in proprietary IS proprietary. To think that companies which were built selling proprietary hardware or proprietary software are going provide an open platform is like thinking electric cars are going to come from petroleum companies, talk about a fox guarding the henhouse. ~ "The Great Open PaaS Swindle."

“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle.
We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken.”
~ Carl Sagan

So how can you tell if you are using the real Open Platform as a Service? If it doesn't have this logo, it ain't the real thing:

Latest Open Platform as a ServiceTM Applications

NEW! Green Code The future of computing

CloudMaker Internet of Things (IoT) application development

RepCheck Online Reputation Management App Protect your neck online

WizzyWeb PHP Data Objects (PDO) PHP reports and PHP data entry applications
for all popular databases, (e.g., MySQL, IBM, Oracle) in minutes

FuzzBox fuzzy logic software for fuzzy search, fuzzy lookup, deduplication and cleaning dirty data (video soon)

*NOTE: All OPaaS Apps can interoperate to create sophisticated applications with no additional programming in minutes!

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