First, watch the video to the left to get an overview of how ModBox works and how to create your own MODS. As you will see, it is simple, yet powerful!

Then, check out the example MODS below to see the actual MOD files and script source code files to help you see how it all fits together seemlessly!

Finally, check out the first (BETA) reference MOD, Agent System 1 (AS1), an intelligent agent system demonstrating the full power of ModBox!

What are you waiting for programmers?!! Organize. Productize. Monetize!
Don't let your code base sit around on your hard drives not making any money! Organize it and implement it in ModBox!
Hot MOD suggestions:
Blog applications, Web 2.0/Ajax applications, mash-ups, MySpace and Facebook applications! What is your killer application? Now that you have the right Platform as a Service, an Open platform as a Service to build your masterpiece on, what will you build? What will your dent in the universe be?

Example MODS:
Single Object/Single Script/Single Server Hello World MOD
The classic "Hello World" programming example demonstrates (in PHP) creating a MOD with one Object (Say Hello).
Note: you can have as many Objects as you want!
View the MOD file MOD files are always plain text XML files and point to the script(s) to run
View the PHP source code the MOD file calls. Scripts can be created in ANY LANGUAGE!

Single Object/Single Script/Single Server Form Data Passing MOD
Demonstrates (in Perl) passing form data to the script
View the MOD file
View the Perl source code

Multi Object/Multi Script/Multi Server Form Data Passing MOD
Demonstrates (in Perl) passing form data from one script to another script on a completely different server!
Note: You can have unlimited Objects and scripts on as many different servers as you like and have them all work together seemlessly in ModBox!
This is how you can truly harness the power of an Open Platform as a Service and build your own future, not somebody else's!
View the MOD file
View the "Enter Data" Perl source code
View the "Display Data" Perl source code

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