How does Open Platform as a ServiceTM Compare to other PaaS companies?
Lets compare Open Platform as a Service to the popular older Platform as a Service

Open Platform as a Service/ModBox
Cost $99 one-time cost for individuals or $499 for companies $50 per user, per month, (e.g., $50,000 per month for 1,000 users) and more later if they decide to increase the price
Security Review Cost FREE (included in Developer License) $5,000 for first review and then another $2,500 for each additional review
Application Pricing: You decide and control At least $50 per month PER USER - or you'll lose money!
In Competition/conflict of interest with you No Yes
Server Your server or our server, powered by Amazon Web Service (AWS).'s server
Development Tools Any, (e.g., any IDE, RAD tool, Framework, etc.)'s (proprietary)
Programming Language Any language, (e.g., PHP, Java, .NET, Python, etc.'s Apex (proprietary)
Standard SQL Support Yes No
Applications Any application you can think of! Database only
Versioning You have full control has full control
OS Supported Any's
Source Code Control You own and control it and take it with you if you ever leave controls it - if they go out of business - you are out of luck
Source Code Portability Yes, you can build whateve import/export tools you like No

As you can see, is a good name to describe old PaaS companies because they FORCE you to use and be locked into all their limited, proprietary technologies. So don't get "'d" build your own future, not somebody else's!

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