ModBox is "Platform as a Service" (PaaS) taken to the next level - Open Platform as a Service - OPaaS! Unlike PaaS, (e.g.,, etc.) and Software as a Service (SaaS), with OPaaS, you are NOT LOCKED IN to proprietary languages, servers, operating systems, development tools, etc. You are also not limited to what a specific platform can do. Don't we want more than custom tabs and fields? :) With ModBox, you are only limited by your own imagination. And that is really the way life should be, shouldn't it? I mean, isn't it hard enough to creat and launch a new product and service? Who wants to spend all that time and effort just to have the platform not be able to do the new hot feature you need to differentiate yourself from the competition? This OPEN approach to PaaS is the next logical step for many reasons, but below are a few.

Give me 10 Good Reasons why I should use ModBox!
1. ModBox doesn't lock you into any proprietary API
2. ModBox doesn't tell you which tools to use to create your applications (MODS)
3. ModBox doesn't tell you how much to charge for your applications or how to run your business
4. ModBox is not in competition with you
5. You can use any programming language to create MODS
6. The MODS you create will be highy visible on our Website so people can easily find them
7. You can make money by creating MOD's and charging money for them
8. You can create MOD's and give them away free and charge for support
9. You can create extensions for other developers MOD's and sell them
10. ModBox is a complete ecosystem supporting code, applications, systems, ASP's, SaaS's, PaaS's, programmers and users
Ok... how about 4 more?
11. ModBox is FREE!
12. You can create new MODS with other developers MODS and sell them!
13. You can onnect to your own server or any cloud you want, (e.g., Amazaon Web Services (AWS), Google App Engine, IBM Blue Cloud, etc.
14. You can organize, reuse and resell your code base in new, interesting ways from one manageable front-end

Nice. So what does the topology look like? The ModBox "cloudology" shown below seemlessly integrates all the best development models thus far on the Internet.

The new n-Tier. The cloudology of an Open Platform as a Service (OPaaS):

Browser - > - http - > - ModBox - > - http - > - | | - - Any PaaS | | - - Any SaaS | | - - Any Cloud, (e.g., Amazon, Google, IBM, etc.) | - < - http - < - ModBox - < - http - < -| - - Any Web Service | - - Any DBMS | - - Any home-brew script | - - Any code or application accessible via http

As you can see by the ModBox cloudology, when we say open, we mean it. ModBox is a pure-play technology and vendor neutral Open Platform as a Service which lets the developer pick the best tools to get the job done. You can use as many or as little as the remote services shown above. ModBox doesn't you into a closed system.

If you are a programmer, you can make money by selling your MODS, selling access to them, creating new unique applications/mashups by combining existing MODS and remote accessible applications or writing your own glue code to create something never seen before!. You own the code! You host it wherever you want! We don't you into anything! You can even hide the ModBox branding, graphics, object selector, etc. to have your own private label applications/systems!

If you are a Web Designer, use The MODS to create real applications for your own and your clients Websites with no programming required! Some MODS are even FREE!
Also, create applications with the MODS and sell them and make money!

How does ModBox Compare to and other PaaS companies?
We think is a good name for companies like theirs because they FORCE you to build their future not yours, use and be locked into all their proprietary technologies and limit what you can do as a developer. We don't " you". As a developer, when you contemplate your application ideas, do you want to be limited to what a particular platform can do? Do you want to get halfway into a great application (or worse after launch) only to find out that the closed platform you are building it on simply can't do what you want? We are confident you will agree OPEN IS THE WAY TO GO and there is simply no comparison after you Compare ModBox to old PaaS companies.

But that is just 1/4 of the story
What about - The other parts of the application creation and distribution ecosystem?

If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster - or use ModBox
When a traditional PaaS company, like goes out of business, as is common with high overhead companies with lots of funding, you are basicall screwed. Look at what just happened to Coghead. All your time, efforts and applications are wasted and useless because they only work on that platform. On the other hand, in the highly unlikely event (we are lean and mean and have no debt) that ModBox goes out of business, since you own the code, you can keep running your applications on your server if they are already running there, or simply move the source code to your server if they are running on the ModBox server so all your work is not wasted. You will either have no interuption in service at all, or be back up and running in no time. So ask yourself, do you want to build your own future or someone else's and risk everything?